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Energy Transition Partners is a partnership between leaders, entrepreneurs and ESG-oriented investors in the energy transition. Energy Transition Partners unites these stakeholders around a shared vision of identifying, investing in and building sector leading companies that contribute to the solution for reducing carbon emissions, address the global challenges from climate change, have the potential to be champions in the energy transition sector and deliver superior risk-adjusted returns.

We believe the future success of the capital markets for energy transition companies is dependent on liberating companies as independent and stand-alone enterprises, with the focus and flexibility to succeed in this dynamic sector, the sustainability of robust private market funding and an increased willingness of private companies to become publicly-traded and therefore become available to a broader universe of investors who can benefit from their contribution to reducing carbon emissions and growth. Our mission is to create an alternative path to a traditional IPO for energy transition companies, to contribute leadership capability in the public markets and capital to achieve their long-term objectives.

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Luna Arena; Herikerbergweg 238
1101 CM Amsterdam The Netherlands
+31 20 57 55 600

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